About Us

Organohumiki Thrakis is the only company worldwide which produces organic fertilizer from olive waste, giving a solution for the sustainable reuse of olive waste with double benefit. Benefit to the environment and the Greek economy by substituting imported organic fertilizers.


Apostolos Vlyssides, professor of the National Technical University of Athens, in 1997 invented a method for the quick and effective composting of all olive oil production waste. This method has been tested by various olive oil mills in Greece and abroad, and has been awarded and acknowledged around the world. Today, it is covered by two patents.

However, the broad application of the method required something more, an institution that would provide the necessary technology in order to implement the production technique.

Strict legislation concerning the treatment of olive oil mill waste voted by the Greek Government in the spring of 2012 made the need for the method's application urgent. Now, olive oil mills have to prove that they treat the waste from oil production in an environmentally friendly way. Processing with conventional methods is difficult and waste disposal costs money. On the other hand, the organic fertilizer production through composting is a profitable activity. The result is, that more and more olive oil mills become interested in the Vlyssides composting method. Organohumiki Thrakis was founded in the first half of 2013, the only company that has the right to use this technology. After two years of close cooperation with olive oil mills in various places in Greece, from Crete to Evros, for the production of Bio Agro Oliva, the company established its own organic fertilizer plant in Alexandroupolis.

Our Team

A team of 5 persons with various professional backgrounds seek to support in any possible way the idea of producing a valuable and environmentally friendly material from "garbage". With a lot of enthusiasm and personal work, they try to implement an idea, against the adverse conditions that prevail in the economic and investing environment. They share the idea that "it is our obligation to return to the environment and nature what it has been provided to us so abundantly."

Theodoros Patlakas, Production, Sales

Gerasimos Vlyssides, Administration

Iordanis Paraskevas, Construction

Nicolette van der Smissen, Agronomist

Michal Brojek, Production

Apostolos Vlyssides, Inventor of the Vlyssides method